Project White T-Shirt in Tokyo

finally in Tokyo!!31 designers from 13 country's original remarked White T-shirt exhibition.
i was following this project on the web for some time now. just after Daniel Palillo wrote me a mail saying he burned a white T-shirt!!??? we seen many of the grate Projects White T-shirt videos from Triple Major but now we can actually see the project live. Exhibition will take place @ WUT BERLIN from JUN 12 (sat) to JUN 25(Fri). Don't Miss It.

PROJECT WHITE T-SHIRTがついに東京にやってきました。
明日から@ WUT BERLINにて展示されているので、是非のぞいて見ては。
JUN 12 (sat) - JUN 25(Fri)
こちらはDaniel Palillo。なんともシニカルで、ダニエルらしい、、、が、なんと、Tシャツ燃やしちゃってます。。。


and one more very funny one from Mundi.

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