MAKIN JAN MA S/S 2015 new character HARVEY ENGLAND

Introducing MAKIN JAN MA new character HARVEY ENGLAND
NAME: Harvey England. H.E.
BIOGRAPHY: Harvey was born in Cape Town to a family with history of sea trading. One of his ancestors was a famous pirate in the early 18th century. Harvey moved to London with his parents in his age of 7. The day he left Cape Town, his grandpa gave him an old wooden box secretly and asked him to open it when he turns 18.
Harvey found it hard to fit into new environment and losing all his friends when he moved to London. He got bullied with his surname and accent. Harvey was a child prodigy in music. He loves playing his piano but he hated the pressure came with it. He took piano lessons because of his parents and he was scheduled to practice everyday. He performs in big stages at young ages. He was very good at it but he hated it when his dad says, ‘ Keep going boy, you will be even better one day!’ He felt he has never been good enough for his dad. He was unhappy about his own performance all the time. He picked up skate boarding when he was 13 and he dropped practicing piano since. He hanged out with his local friends skating and smoking weed most of his teenage years.
At 18, in the wooden box his grandpa offered him, Harvey found 21 old silver rings and pendants including one pirate coin all marked with the same thunder sign representing a letter E, the initial of his family name. On the bottom of the box is crafted: Treasure comes when you are truly giving.
Since his 18th birthday, this has been a question in his head. He always felt he has nothing good enough to give. He felt he failed his dad. And he gave up his own talent.
Harvey experiences endless encounter since his birthday and he started to understand what the meaning of truly giving and he started pick up playing piano again.

Tokyo Exhibition Starting This Week.
1F 2-29-7 Higashi Shibuya-ku 150-0011 Tokyo
OCT 21st ~ 24th
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