Daniel Palillo Men´s A/W 2014-15 -The Trip-

Autumn/winter 2014 marks the launch of Daniel Palillo men’s collection. It is an epic journey to the other, darker side of the label—and although distinct from the women's collection, it's faithful to the same unisex feel that has been characteristic to the label since the beginning. Whichever, the destination is literally out of this world.

The Trip draws on tourist merchandise, the kind one finds at global market places where city t-shirts and holiday hats meet tribal esthetics or spiritual imagery and where bongs are piled up on top of oriental fabrics. Similarly, in Palillo’s collection, one can choose their patches and change them, too (everything connects with Velcro).

The collection channels views from the designer’s leisurely strolls around his home city of Helsinki, where he has been wearing a bathrobe in public to get into a liminal mode, or tuned into a metropolitan vibe by traveling back and forth on the city’s one and only metro line. Like a method actor, Palillo aspires to complete emotional identification with his designs.

Another way to travel the Daniel Palillo universe is taking a trip inside one’s mind. It is all about blurring the boundaries between fiction and non-fiction, or seeing and experiencing many parallel realities in one.

Exhibition at CAPSULE PARIS
Cité de la Mode 34 quai d’Austerlitz, 75013 Paris
Dates: JAN. 17-19 2014

Please Contact us for appointment.
Daniel Palillo danielpalillo@gmail.com +358404180139
Roy Chotzen roy@duomocoltd.com +81 (0)3 5468 3778

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