Absolution of all restrictive conditions is a pivotal condition for coping with the raging elements. Alongside the sea in turmoil, a stern strongly lined concrete structure stands erected, whilst it sheds it’s composed dressed inhabitants from the torrential rainstorms.

This novel AW13 collection by LUCIO VANOTTI, is derived from the institutional play between texture, structures and shapes. Deriving from the square shape, tessellate forms have been drawn as perpendicular silhouettes. Useful, basic and composed, the garments serve as sartorial tools for forward thinking leaders.

A composition of rigid, cement-like sturdy materials and fluid fabrics, allows for textural interplay. Rubbers, opulent leathers, sleek wools and sheer cotton stretch have been yielded and fused with one another. The resulting lineage follows dressers’ rationale, deriving from structured craftsmanship, with a focus on shirting, jackets and tees. The cool colour palette, comprised of dark blue, hued greys, blacks and crisp sky blues and whites, underlines the resolute Nordic and wintry appeal of the collection. Henceforth, variations of minute depictions of concrete surfaces, the human eye and pixelated sea have been added as print detailing.

LUCIO VANOTTI also introduces, in collaboration with PETER NON, a sultry dress shoe, reminiscent of a sleek sandal. Henceforth, LUCIO VANOTTI aims to equip urban travellers with a personal take on the iconic rucksack, comprised of quilted leather and sturdy waxed rubber. The collection CONCRETE allows for stern reflection on daily escapology and the irreverent exploration of the suspension of time.

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