Daniel Palillo Fall Winter 12-13 -The Enterprise-

Like most of Daniel Palillo's oeuvre, the autumn 2012 collection reflects the designer's experiences from everyday life. A diary of sorts, it expresses his recent interests ranging from traditional American sports to the forests of Finland—or the world of comics, manifested in anthropomorphic patterns and slimy imagery. Both The Toxic Avenger and the Marshmallow Man can be found in between the lines. Larger than ever, not only in proportions but also in variety, the collection includes new materials, such as vinyl and woolen knitwear. While the pink and lilac tones of the patchwork and prints might resemble candy, many of Palillo's motifs—such as the melting dollar sign, or the shirts with words—have an air of dystopia to them. Combining three-dimensional structures with wild patchwork and cutouts, his signature style is essentially Monstrous and Morbid.

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PARIS: at Capsule Show
 Garage Turenne
 66 rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris  ( ACCSESS LINK )
MAR 3rd ~ 5th 
1F 2-29-7 Higashi Shibuya-ku 150-0011 Tokyo Japan ACCSESS LINK )

MAR 21st ~ 31st.
by appointment only!

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